August 06, 2021

Imposter Syndrome

Hola. 👋🏾

A few weeks ago we had a welcome meeting with the new LEARN Academy class. After we'd gone through introductions and initial prepared questions, one of the students asked about imposter syndrome. Ironically, I'd had a few conversations about imposture syndrome that week alone. I responded that I'd come to the conclusion that imposter syndrome isn't real.

It's simply a figment of our imagination.

The Bible says "as a man thinketh, so is he". In "modern day" terms you could equate that to "change your words, change your world" or something like that. It boils down to the same concept though that what we choose to believe will become our reality. Take fear for instance. Fear is different for each person. What I'm afraid of is most likely not what the next person is afraid of. If I'm afraid of the dog I'll run from it. While the next person may run towards it. The dog itself is the same. It's our views of the dog that differ.

Same with imposter syndrome. It's a thing that's defined for each person, by each person. It's not definitive or concrete. We often build up these grand ideas of where we desire to be. In our careers or various other aspects of life. Which is great. Dream big! But everyone had to start somewhere. I started at a bootcamp just like they're doing. Now I've been a software developer for almost 3 years. We can't let knowing where we want to be, blind us to where we've come from. We also can't compare ourselves to others. Comparison is the thief of joy. Everyone we admire, started off somewhere.

This is not to say that I too haven't at times felt like an imposter. Or maybe imposter is too strong of a word. I at least have felt like I have so far to go. Which is true! That will always be true as a developer though. Nothing is stagnant. The hot technology of today may be obsolete in 5 years. So while I may have a shorter learning curve on some things, I have to learn new stuff all of the time too. We all do. We always will. Being a developer is accepting that you'll be a lifelong learner.

If the newcomer is an imposter, we all are. Fight the feeling. 😉

See you next time. 🙃